SONDORS is a premium electric transportation company. Built around radical design and total commitment to creating a more sustainable future, all our products have iconic style and unique personality.

Founder Storm Sondors treats design and engineering as his own form of entertainment. His maverick spirit of fun is hardwired into the DNA of each and every SONDORS. Perfected for trailways and roadways every SONDORS goes beyond the way we live today

About Storm Sondors

Storm Sondors is a highly-skilled specialist in design and manufacturing, and the creator of the award-winning SONDORS Electric Bike. SONDORS has delivered electric bikes to 72 countries since 2015.

Determined to inspire the world to convert to zero emission vehicles, Storm has successfully raised more awareness of electric technology in affordable transportation than any other company in the industry.

He is passionate about lithium-ion batteries, and due to his brand's success in the marketplace, admits to probably having too much fun with his access to the world's best electric technologies and resources.

Based in Malibu, California, Storm also enjoys beach life, surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

SONDORS: History

SONDORS began in February 2015, with the launch of SONDORS Original attracting worldwide attention through one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in history. In keeping with the momentum, SONDORS launched two additional multi-million dollar campaigns within the same year.

Due to this record-breaking start, SONDORS is the brand responsible for revolutionizing the way the world views affordable electric transportation for the masses.

How we work

At SONDORS, we do things a bit differently. We go the extra mile to provide premium electric bikes at an affordable price. We are driven by our ability to offer innovative electronic technology that's attainable to everyone – in a product that was once only available at two to three times the cost.

How we do it

There are several factors in our affordability formula – and although we are always seeking ways to improve our approach – we feel we're very close to cracking the code for bringing premium electric bikes into every household worldwide.

Storm Sondors himself has revolutionized the electric bike manufacturing process by traveling the globe to acquire the finest, most highly-skilled engineers, designers and manufacturing specialists in the industry.

SONDORS Electric Bikes in turn are designed and engineered from the ground up to be the most exhilarating, attention-grabbing, affordable electric bikes available. Due to our unique manufacturing process that includes the meticulous fabrication of premium SONDORS components, coupled with strenuous product testing, SONDORS owners are able to experience unparalleled quality and performance delivered at a fraction of the cost.

As a unique innovator in the industry, Storm Sondors focuses on fostering solid relationships with our international team of experts while maintaining hands-on quality-control throughout the duration of production.

Our practice is to make each SONDORS to order, then deliver it right to your door. This means we are not only eliminating the expense of the middle man, we are also cutting out the added cost of warehousing inventory.

It's because of our commitment to cultivating an ingenious method of manufacturing and a price-conscious process from start to finish, that we're able to offer exceptional SONDORS products at a major savings to you.

What are you waiting for?

When you purchase a SONDORS, it is hand-built just for you, and the process may be different than what you're accustomed to – as with all pre-sale products, there's no next day delivery. Instead, with our premium, made-to-order electric bikes, you can expect delivery in up to 90-120 days after you place your order. This is to allow the time necessary for manufacturing, shipping and final delivery of your brand-new SONDORS directly to you.

SONDORS and you

Once you place your order, you officially become a part of SONDORS. We will keep you informed with regular status updates throughout the manufacturing, shipping and delivery of your SONDORS.

Because you've discovered premium electric technology at an affordable price, you're already ahead of the crowd – congratulations and welcome! By becoming a part of the SONDORS movement, you're becoming part of a game-changing revolution.

At SONDORS, we feel that in order to be a difference-maker, you've got to do things differently. And we are confident that you'll be as passionate as we are to be a part of a positive movement such as this.

SONDORS: Go Beyond.